New app to give End-to-End digital perks

The 30th annual Catlin End-to-End race is coming this weekend, and for the event organisers are utilising the app.

According to a spokeswoman, the app will allow the creation of “personal digital experience” for participants throughout the route.

“Engaging content from water stop sponsors, restroom notifications, and a voting platform for the anniversary People’s Choice Charity award are just a few features to get excited about,” the spokeswoman said.

“Participants are encouraged to get ahead of the curve and download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and get used to a new way of discovering ETE special participant offers and adventures in the XL Catlin End-to-End event.”

This year there will be 20 water stops along the route from Kindley Field Road to Gray’s Bay, with participants invited to vote for their favourite water stop.

Nathan Moore, Bermuda End-to-End board member, said: “ approached us with the idea of sponsoring and creating an event specific app for us, which we are very excited to offer this year for our 30th anniversary.

“It is in keeping with our goal to be the leading community event on the island, fundraising for Bermuda charities. Our vow to keep all the funds at home and provide our participants with the greatest event day experience is highlighted with the app.”

Meanwhile, Chris Bennett, founder of dot bm ltd, said: “I’m excited that is the companion app for the XL Catlin End-to-End. Through the use of iBeacons and Geo-Fences, we can scratch the surface of the app. I’m looking forward to seeing what Bermudian companies can do with, anything is possible.”

Those interested in learning more about the app are invited to visit for more information.

– The Royal Gazette